About Us

Fab Essentials, LLC. was founded in 2011 by LaKesha Williams to provide natural, hand-made skincare products to those seeking relief from Eczema and other skin conditions.


Thank You

It's an honor and a privilege to distribute Fab Essentials through Greenleaf Market. Now, the people of the St. Louis Metropolitan and Surrounding Areas can conveniently buy select products from Fab Essentials at GreenLeaf Market: Unscented and Lemongrass Mango Butter, Healthy Glow Tea and our Milk & Honey, Lemongrass and Rosemary Mint Soaps.

GreenLeaf Market is located at 1400 North 13th Street, Downtown St. Louis Missouri 63106.

Thank you again for such a warm, welcoming and supportive response —it really means a lot to us!

LaKesha Williams, Founder/CEO
Fab Essentials


Products at GreenLeaf Market

Milk & Honey


Rosemary Mint

Unscented Mango Butter

Lemongrass Mango Butter

Healthy Glow Tea